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Prime Money Exchange Ltd is an UK based MSB Company, was founded in 2014. It is Authorised Payment Institution(API) from FCA, can settle money around the world anywhere. It was set up as a new remittance venture to enable migrants to send money to family and friends back in the countries of south Asia. Prime Money Exchange Ltd has grown to be the one of the best money transfer business operating in United Kingdom. It remains a business committed to its original values of trust, reliability, integrity and customer-focus.In addition to serving individual customers, Prime Money Exchange Ltd offers money transfer to corporate clients. People rely on Prime Money Exchange Ltd to provide payment services to their dearest relatives. Many customers describe Prime Money Exchange Lad's services is very safe and efficient option to transfer funds to back home.

Prime Money Exchange Ltd is an emerging name in the UK remittance market and a pioneer in the UK finance industry for money remittance services. Prime Money Exchange Ltd has set out to become a global name in money remit services. Prime Money Exchange Ltd has always strived to meet its customer's expectations and will always continue to serve their high demands for transferring money around the world.

Over the past few years, we have kept the necessities of our customers in mind, we highly value their diversity and we respect their values and norms. By trying to understand our customers and keeping in mind that they belong to diverse backgrounds has helped us build Prime Money Exchange Ltd into a credible and trustworthy money remittance business. Prime Money Exchange Ltd is a network where our customers are able to send their hard-earned money to their country of origin, or any other country of their liking with ease and without any hidden charges.

Our mission is to contribute decisively to the success of our clients by offering the best solutions that meet all their needs with speed, effectiveness and extreme security. Our professionals are passionate about what they do, because they know and live the day to day business. Our purpose could not be different, to offer customers always the best solutions that meet the needs with speed, efficiency and safety. We take care of the whole and the details so that all the pieces that makes up the company work.

What makes the brand different is its customer-centric approach. Driven by People, Product and Process; the brand believes in 'Going that extra mile' for its customers by providing them with prompt and customized services as per their financial needs. The various promotions organized at the branch and social media platforms are also a way to reward its customers for their continued patronage. The service portfolio of the brand includes Money Transfer and foreign exchange.

Prime Money Exchange Ltd understands that businesses grow, and as they grow they tend to hire employees around the globe which requires transferring money around the world in different currencies. With Prime Money Exchange Ltd, you can transfer money without hidden charges and fees to fund your business or to pay your overseas employees.

Prime Money Exchange Ltd has a comprehensive and robust compliance, and anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism finance programmers used throughout its global network ensuring full compliance with all relevant regulations. Its network and associates are fully licensed, regulated and supervised by the relevant authorities in every jurisdiction worldwide in which it operates. These include most countries in south Asia.

In Pakistan, Prime Money Exchange Ltd has implemented policies and procedures that ensure a full suite of checks and controls are completed on senders and receivers of remittances. The Central Bank of Pakistan Supervisory Department carried out an in-depth audit of Prime Money Exchange Ltd's business and found that Prime Money Exchange Ltd was fully compliant with all relevant policies and procedures. Prime Money Exchange Ltd contributes to the south Asian economy by providing hard currency, and paying substantial contributions. Prime Money Exchange Ltd values its civic obligations to the world.

Our customers use our services to send money to family, friends and businesses nearly all over the world to provide for their financial needs. Just log in to our online portal and transfer money to the country of your liking within minutes. Prime Money Exchange Ltd is an online service that lets people send money to friends and family living abroad, using a computer, Smart phone or tablet. With Prime Money Exchange Ltd, you can transfer money to your preferred method like: bank transfers, debit card payment, and credit card payment.

The official address is:
24 Plashet Grove, London, E6 1AE, United Kingdom Phone: +442084713653, Email:info@primemoney.co.uk Website: www.primemoney.co.uk

Prime Money Exchange Ltd is incorporated in England & Wales (Registration Number: 09070156) and is regulated by Financial Conduct Authority - FCA FRN 813855.


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Prime Money Exchange Ltd is an UK based MSB Company, was founded in 2014. It is Authorised Payment Institution(API) from FCA, can settle money around the world anywhere.